• yasu2000

    レコーディング学校 I.A.R. (Institute of Audio Reserch) NY校に入学。
    卒業後、ブルックリンにある Bushwick Studio に2年間在籍。
    エンジニア Nic Hard (2016年Snarky Puppy『Culcha Vulcha』でグラミー賞を受賞)のアシスタント経験が財産となる。
    2005年に帰国後、origami PRODUCTIONS のハウスエンジニアを勤める。
    現在はorigami所属アーティストは勿論、DJ KRUSH、Original Love、TENDRE、go!go!vanillas、WONK、YONA YONA WEEKENDERS、U-zhaanなどを手がける。
  • In 1999, he went to U.S. alone as a DJ. He performed using MPC with top musicians at NYC’s live house “CBGB”.
    He is inspired by the culture of any genres in NY and started having an interest in sound engineering.
    Enrolled in NYC’s recording School I.A.R. (Institute of Audio Reserch) .
    After graduated, he interned at Bushwick Studio in Brooklyn for two years.
    Then he had an opprtunity to be an assistant for Nic Hard (In 2016 Nic won a Grammy for his work on the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album “Culcha Vulcha” by Snarky Puppy)This experience became asset for his engineer life.
    After returned to Japan in 2005, he worked as a resident engineer for “origami PRODUCTIONS”.
    Currently he is working with artists of the “origami PRODUCTIONS”, including Original Love, TENDRE, go!go!vanillas, WONK, YONA YONA WEEKENDERS, U-zhaan.

  • 藤城 真人 Fujishiro Masato

    早稲田大学の名物サークル “中南米研究会” で南米音楽の魅力に取り憑かれ、その独自のリズムを探求すべくドラムに没頭。
    大学卒業後、ライブPAやダブ、レコーディングエンジニアとして周囲のバンドと活動をともにしていく中、origami PRODUCTIONSに出会う。
  • He is from Tsukuba, Ibaraki prefecture. Born in 1991.
    He was fascinated by Latin music while he spent his career in a special club at the Waseda Universities “The Latin American Studies Group”, and immersed himself in drumming, to search for its original rhythm.
    Then he got interested in “the importance of a role that the tone color takes”, and began to learn different genres of engineering.
    After graduated, he met “origami PRODUCTIONS” while acting as a live PA, a dub and a recording engineer with sarrounding bands. Currently he is working with artists of the “origami PRODUCTIONS”, including Aimyon, Sakura Fujiwara, Aina the end, P.S.P.E, Eito.